5 Must-Haves To Modernize Your Bathroom

5 Must-Haves To Modernize Your Bathroom

1. New Shower Door
Many modern homes include frameless shower doors rather than shower curtains or outdated glass doors. A frameless design is great for a minimalist look that is very easy to clean. You can also have your shower door customized to fit your bathroom perfectly. By taking measurements, you can even order your custom glass shower door online Affordable Shower doors in new york

2. Improved Shower Head
Shower heads can have a big impact on your comfort, your utility bills, and make or break the design of your shower. Luckily, new shower heads don’t cost much and you can easily install them yourself if you are experienced with hand tools. Look for a shower head that is designed to conserve water and that offers different settings for ultimate comfort and savings  Folding Shower Doors

3 Different Drawer Pulls and Cabinet Knobs
If you’re looking for one of the fastest and cheapest ways to improve the look of your bathroom, consider investing in new drawer pulls and cabinet knobs. You can purchase these items in many different styles, colors and price ranges at your average home improvement store. Drawer pulls and cabinet knobs can provide an instant face lift for your bathroom. Plus, you can install them yourself if you have a screwdriver and a few minutes to spend frameless shower doors

4. New Sink Faucets
Older sink faucets can look extremely outdated and can be a major pain to keep clean. Swap yours out for new models to enjoy a fresh, modern look. Plus, newer sink faucets typically help conserve water Glass Doors

5. Brand New Toilet
If your existing toilet is older, buying a new one is a smart idea. A new toilet will be easier to clean and will look fresh and new. You also might find that it conserves more water than your existing model Installing a Glass Door Handle

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