Installation Guide

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  • Is it easy to install the shower enclosure myself?

    Standard framed showers are reasonably easy to install for do it yourselfers. We recommend a professional installer for custom made framed or frameless showers.

  • What is the cost of installation?

    Accurate measurement, precise installation and clean silicone finishing require years of experience to perfect. Labour accounts for a relatively small portion of the overall cost.

  • What products does Shower Door of Canada install?

    We install shower enclosures, shower doors, mirror walls and doors as well as specialty glass entrance systems and staircases.

  • How are hinges, frames or channels secured to the wall?

    Hardware is drilled and screwed into tile/marble wall.

  • How are frameless glass panels secured and sealed?

    Most panels are secured with mildew resistant clear silicone . Anodized aluminum "U" channels and clips are utilized to secure panels where appropriate.

  • What is the length of time to supply and install from time of measurement?

    Standard doors take approximately 3 - 10 days depending on scheduling Custom enclosures take 14 - 21 days including the 2 week tempering process Mirror walls take 3- 7 days; Mirror Doors take 7 - 10 days

  • How long does it take to install a custom made enclosure?

    An average installation takes approximately 1-2 hrs with one or two installers.

  • Can you recommend installers outside of your home area?

    Through our glass association membership we maintain a roster of qualified glaziers and installers for various areas across U.S & Canada.

  • Are your installers bonded and insured?

    Our installers are fully bonded and carry workers compensation insurance.

  • What is your product warranty?

    We provide a minimum parts and labour warranty. Product warranty varies by vendor but is usually a 5 – 10 year limited warranty.

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