Rectangular Clear View Mirror Defogger

Rectangular Clear View Mirror Defogger

Clear View Mirror Defoggers make shaving in the shower practical or provide a fog free mirror for putting on makeup

Great for Bath and Spa Rooms

They can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal position to suit the mirror's dimensions and your customer's needs.

Easy to Follow Instructions for Retrofit and New Construction

UL Approved: Operates on 110 Volts AC

The adhesive surface of the Defogger is bonded directly to the back surface of the mirror.

Installation is not difficult and conforms to standard industry practice. As with any electrical product installation should be performed by a qualified person, in accordance with local codes.

Our Mirror Defogger's can be installed directly onto mirrors that require or have Safety Backing Tape installed.

Sizes,shapes :


 18" * 26"

 24" * 32"


 18" * 26"

 24" *32"


 15" radius

 20" radius

Catalog Number:

  • R2432
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